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Have you been having issues with your home's or businesses heat pump here in Kennesaw or the greater Atlanta area? If so there's only one contractor to call - Swann Mechanical Services. We've been assisting the residents here in Kennesaw for years with all of their heat pump repair and maintenance service needs. All of our technicians are professionally certified and factory trained, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction on all of our service calls.

We offer emergency repair services for our customers here in Kennesaw and the greater Atlanta area because we know how much of a headache an unexpected heat pump breakdown can be. Your home's or businesses heat pump system is the heart of your comfort, the next time you need expert heat pump repair call Swann Mechanical Services!

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We've all been there, you go to start up your heat pump system in the spring to cool or in the fall to heat, and your system doesn't start up or isn't running how it's supposed to. Don't let this happen to you, schedule your heat pump maintenance with our team at Swann Mechanical.

Our comprehensive and diligent system tune up check list will keep your heat pump running in top-notch shape for years to come. Routine maintenance is vital for your heat pumps continued effective operation and life-cycle. Join our maintenance plan today for peace of mind with your heat pump system here in Kennesaw or Atlanta.

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Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair
Heat Pump Repair

A Few Things To Check Before You Call

A few times each year we send out our heating and cooling technicians to a heat pump repair or maintenance service call, and we find the issue was something very simple that an average homeowner would have no issue fixing. Something like the batteries being out in their thermostat or remote. Check these few things the next time you're having a heat pump issue before giving us a call for professional service.

  • The problem could be as simple as your system switch was accidentally turned off, double check that your system is on. This is sometimes a red toggle plated switch.
  • Your circuit breaker could have tripped, find your homes or businesses circuit breaker and then the switch for your heat pump system. If this is off switch it back on.
  • Then go to your thermostat, make sure it is on and set to the proper temperature you are trying to achieve.
  • If your heat pump power was off, or if the thermostat was not set properly, after correcting the issue give it a few minutes: many systems have a time delay on start-up that can delay operation.
  • Change your heat pump indoor unit air filter and re-start your system.

If you go through this checklist and find that your system is still having the same operational issues it's time to call a pro. Swann Mechanical Services is here for your heat pump repair service needs here in the Kennesaw and greater Atlanta area.

Heat Pump Problems You Need a Pro For

We're here for all of your heat pump repair and maintenance needs, no residential or commercial heat pump job is too large or too small for our expert team. We offer emergency repair services so you aren't left cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

Some common heat pump issues that you'll need a technician to solve are:

  • Heat pump not turning on or not cooling, or not heating
  • Indoor temperature too hot or too cold
  • Not heating or cooling evenly, some rooms are too hot some are too cold.
  • Indoor coil or refrigerant lines covered with heavy frost or ice
  • Outdoor unit coil covered with heavy frost or ice during heating
  • Breaker to the outdoor unit tripped more than once
  • A vibration or odd noise with the outdoor or indoor unit
  • Thermostat not working properly

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